is the American Airlines employee website where they can access a host of information such as employee benefits, health insurance, travel benefits and also get pension assistance. Since it is an employee portal, only authorized users are allowed access to it, which means that you must be an employee at American Airlines to be able to log in to the website. The airline has strict laws against unauthorized usage, to the effect of civil liability and criminal penalties on whosoever attempts to access the site without the authority to do so.

Flight employees of American Airlines, better known as AA, enjoy a multitude of benefits that they can find on the website. One of the benefits includes access to travel privileges. Employees can place their name in the airport backup list for a flight and if there is a cancellation, the employee is able to get a seat on the flight against the cancellation. However, this is not guaranteed. The offer stands only if there is no other paying passenger on the waiting list. This is not the only advantage that the employees have at American Airlines.

They are also entitled to a number of discounts from numerous businesses, such as a lifetime membership at Corporate Shopping. This is a website that offers special discounted products to employees of various companies including American Airlines. You can get discounts on apparel, electronics, accessories and much more. Look out for discounts at Macy’s, Nike, Target, Tickets Now and other popular shopping portals. All the offers available to the AA employees can be found on the website, which can be accessed after you sign up at the site.

Before you log in to the AA employee portal, you must register yourself. The registration process is quite simple. When you open the site, you will see an AMR System Access box. You need to click on “Help” and then click on the first time user registration form where you will be asked to give your AA employee number or contractor number. After you submit the form, you will be prompted to create a User ID and password. On continuing further, you will be required to create a security question with an answer to it and then click “Finish”.

Having done the needful, you will be able to view the user agreement for accessing the employee site. You may log in to your account and look at all the employee benefits you are entitled too. Employees can manage all the offered privileges through the website. The website is accessible to all employees past and present. So even if you are a retiree, you can log in and make use of the benefits that are offered to all AA employees. This includes handling pension accounts. Also, all those companies that do business with American Airlines are authorized to access Users are however required to see to it that they carry out their transactions securely, at their own risk.